Getting Your Rental Property Ready for Winter

Getting Your Rental Property Ready for Winter

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Getting Your Rental Property Ready for Winter

With winter come numerous changes regarding weather conditions. Many of them could pose a significant risk to your rental properties, especially if such properties are not property prepared for the winter climate here in Maryland. Thankfully these winter liabilities are easily prevented by following this simple checklist before the cold weather arrives.  If you carry out the points below and take action now – before the cold weather hits – you and your tenant are likely to enjoy a safe, cozy and disaster-free winter. The following are some of the best ways to keep your rental property and your tenants safe.

Check the heating system

It is imperative to make sure that the heating system is working properly before winter.  Turn on boilers, heaters and furnaces to ensure that their components are in good shape. If there is a problem with any of them, beat the rush and make a service call before winter. Also, replace the furnace filters and make certain that all vents are opening and closing as they should. Radiators should be drained to release any air that has been building up. This will allow the heater to work well plus it will decrease the tenants’ energy bills.

Clear rain gutters

It is important that you remember this fall task since it might have an immense impact on your rental home during the winter. Get rid of any leaves, sticks or other debris so that the gutter can quickly dispose of water coming from the roof.  Clogged drains may result in roof damage after heavy snow or ice storms. A thorough cleaning each autumn will keep your roof safe and your gutters functioning the right way.

Adequate ventilation

Most homes are susceptible to mold and dampness during winter because of improper ventilation. Your rental property is no exception. During the winter months tenants tend to close up doors and windows at all times. As a result, fresh air rarely gets in the house. Closing up the house during winter in an attempt to maintain heat inside might cause condensation, particularly in the laundry, kitchen, and bathroom. Getting your tenants to keep a tiny part of the window open when cooking or washing clothes may be difficult however providing clients with a dehumidifier can help solve the condensation problem and may be the easier solution. A dehumidifier is especially great for older properties that are highly susceptible to dampness.  To encourage tenants to use a dehumidifier, you may offer to cover small amounts of their energy bill. While this is an additional cost, the same may save you lots of cash in the long run since damage by water is rather expensive to fix.

Look out for leaks

Carry out a thorough search for any leakages; especially on the roof.   Physical indicators such as mold and dampness on the ceiling are a suitable way of indicating a leaking roof.  However, the best way to identify a leak is by reading the water meter. If there is a sudden and significant increase in water usage, then there is a high likelihood of a leakage in your rental property, and it is an excellent idea to contact a plumber.

Inspect doors and windows

Check for points on the doors and windows that are likely to let heat escape such as the joining points between doors and frames or windows and frame.  Often loose caulking will let in cold air. Such points should be repaired before the cold weather kicks in. Making sure everything is sealed tight is easy and will lead to huge savings on winter heating bills.

Prune shrubs, hedges, and branches.

Since ice and snow can easily weigh down and shrubs and trees that have a wide reach, it is a good idea to prune them to prevent broken branches. Examine the outer limits of your rental property for shrubs, branches or hedges that require trimming. Additionally, pruning gives the plants a better foundation in the following season hence keeping them in good shape.


Failure to deal with the above potential issues before they happen may lead to massive losses and costly repairs. Every property owner knows that preventing them before they happen will save you money in the long run.


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