How to Sell Your Home Fast with no Realtor Fees

How to Sell Your Home Fast with no Realtor Fees

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How to Sell Your Home Fast with no Realtor Fees


The time has come; maybe you recently received a new job with an out-of-town office; or, perhaps you have a new child on the way, causing your family to expand and your once-spacious 1,000 square foot home in the middle of the bustling city to appear suddenly more cramped.

Whatever the case may be, your current home (though perfectly quaint when you first moved in) just isn’t a suitable option any longer, and you’re now forced to move hastily to try and sell it. But is it even possible to sell a home quickly?

With pesky home inspections and value appraisals (which are just some of the lengthy obstacles you’ll inevitably run into during the home selling process) your hopes for a quick turnaround may soon start to dwindle. Leaving you praying for a solution. One that allows you to cut ties with your current property without all the hassle.

After all, having a home sit on the market for an extended period of time is an unfortunate, yet common reality for most sellers (especially those new to the process) which might make your realtor happy (with fees piling up and more money in their pocket) but in the long run will surely result in a myriad of headaches for you.

This is why more and more sellers are choosing to sell their homes themselves and targeting local home buyers and real estate investors for a quick sale. Especially if they’re willing to take a bit less than market value for their homes.

How is this possible? Where would you turn in order to bypass the lengthy steps of the home buying process, such as home inspections? Well, trusted real estate investor firms (like Roxbury Mill Properties, LLC) have been a trendy go-to for home sellers (and buyers) across the country.

With investors like Roxbury Mill Properties, a homeowner can skip inspections and appraisals, because investors will buy houses in ANY condition and ALL price ranges. This allows a homeowner to sell their home in just a few steps. What are those steps, you ask? For example:

  • Step 1: Go here and enter your information (including name, email, zip code and phone number) using a simple contact form.

  • Step 2: Wait shortly for Roxbury Mill Properites to contact you over the phone to discuss their offer for your property.

  • Step 3: Either accept or reject the offer presented to you during the call.

  • Step 4: Get the cash for your property.

Can it really be that simple? Absolutely. Roxbury Mill Properties, like other investors, gives the seller an opportunity to permanently delegate ALL the downsides (including the financial responsibilities) of selling a home. These pitfalls can make the process feel like a full time job.

Think about it: Home inspections almost always lead to haggling with whomever is interested in purchasing your home, forcing you to take a more-than-significant loss in your asking price. Then again, the buyer may demand all of the home’s issues be either fixed or remedied before they move in, which won’t just hurt your budget for your new home but your timeline for selling your existing home as well.

Value appraisals can also differ substantially from what you think your home is worth. Making you scramble to improve the home’s value by either making additions or carrying out tiresome renovations. Both of which may not even be in your budget. Nonetheless, when did spending money on a home you’re looking to vacate become a smart and/or beneficial endeavor?

This is where local home buyers and real estate investors shine, especially Roxbury Mill Properties. They’ll take ANY home you put up for sale, no matter the property’s issues, damages OR price range.

Not to mention, using this method to sell your existing property provides the seller with more money for a new home; with no inspection fees, no renovations and no realtor fees looming over your head you’ll likely be able to increase your budget and find your home for the future.

To recap:

  • Selling your home quickly is made possible by using local home buyers/investors like Roxbury Mill Properties, LLC

  • Using this method allows you (the seller) to avoid fees from realtors, avoid home inspections and avoid value appraisals

  • NEVER worry about your home’s appeal, Roxbury Mill takes ANY property, regardless of issues (plumbing, structural, electrical etc.) or price range.

  • Sell your home in 4 steps, which entails: sending your info, receiving an offer, deciding to accept/reject the offer and getting cash for your property

  • Focus on finding your dream home with the hassle of selling your old home out of the way!

At Roxbury Mill Properties, LLC  We specialize in purchasing distressed homes, renovating and reselling. In this way we not only help homeowners out of difficult situations but also improve the community by providing affordable housing that attracts new homeowners to these neighborhoods.

 Through our extensive knowledge of the business, our network of resources, and years of expertise, we are able to assist homeowners with a wide variety of real estate problems. We pride ourselves on working one-on-one with each customer to handle their individual situations.

With the ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, we can create an extremely fast, and hassle-free transaction.

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